Geoffrey Cooley AGE: 18 / HOMETOWN: SANTEE, CA

Geoffrey Cooley is a second-generation racer. His father John is known for his Alumi Craft, off road race cars. Although Geoffrey didn’t start driving a race car until he was twelve, he has been around off road racing his entire life; you can say it’s in his blood.

The next generation of racers starts much younger now since the creation of TrophyKart racing in 2006. Geoffrey started racing a Junior II TrophyKart in 2007, winning a championship in a Regional Series his first year. After such a successful year in the regional series, Geoffrey set his sights on the CORR Championship Series in 2008. His winning streak continued in the CORR Series earning him another Junior II TrophyKart championship and Rookie of the year.

Not yet old enough to race the Limited Buggy division in the LOORRS series in 2009, he instead worked on a father/son project building a new Limited Buggy for the series. Over the years, Geoffrey has acquired the knowledge to build and maintain his own car. Once eligible to race, Geoffrey moved up to a LOORRS Limited Buggy in 2010. His rookie year in Limited Buggy proved challenging with only a stock VW engine but he finished 11th overall that first season. Continuing in the LOORRS Limited Buggy class in 2011, he finished 6th overall and won the Ultimate Challenge Cup.

Geoffrey transitioned up into the Pro Buggy Unlimited class during his senior year of high school in 2012. The transition from Limited Buggy to the Pro Buggy Class was smooth for Geoffrey. He had numerous podiums and top 10 finishes racing against veterans that had been racing since before he was born. He finished 3rd in the points championship earning him the Rookie of the Year title. Now at age 18, school is a priority but he balances his time between college and racing. He is looking forward to another successful season in 2013.


Q. Who is your biggest inspiration?
A. Rob MacCachren, he has raced everything short course/desert…..buggy/truck. My goal is to not only be an excellent driver but someone that others can look up to.

Q. If you could anywhere in the world where would you go?
A. Australia

Q. Where do you see yourself racing in 5 years?
A. Racing against Rob Mac in a Pro 2

Q. What was your least favorite subject in School?
A. Foreign language, no hablo espanol

Q. Besides Off-Road racing what’s is your favorite action sport?
A. Anything to do with adrenaline, Mountain Biking/Snowboarding

Q. What’s your Favorite Movie?
A. Talladega Nights, I wanna go fast.