March 10, 2014

Geoffrey Cooley, Alumi Craft Pro Buggy, Battle at Primm, Competitive Metals

Primm, NV

Geoffrey Cooley has made the switch from short course to desert racing and taken a podium finish in his first race, the SNORE Battle at Primm, (BAP). BAP is a two-day event with a heat race format that pitted Geoffrey against a long list of class 10 hot shoes that regularly prey on anyone who hesitates. Class 10 cars have limited engines and unlimited suspensions. The key to victory is staying on the gas. A solid car, a penchant for driving at the limit and nerves of steel typically wins the day.

Geoffrey Cooley, Battle at Primm, SNORE, Alumi Craft, Competitive Metals

“I went to the race with the intent of learning the car and getting a finish,” says Geoffrey, “After we qualified third on Friday I was feeling confident in my Competitive Metals / Alumi Craft race car. On Saturday I started on the front row next to Cody Freeman and Justin Davis.” Geoffrey took it easy on the first lap but pushed himself to step it up on each subsequent lap. Geoffrey held his position until lap three when a red flag came out freezing the running order. Geoffrey’s strong run would have him starting on the front row again when racing resumed on Sunday.

“On Sunday I had a hard time driving through the dust, I was still trying to drive smart,” says Geoffrey, “Every lap I was gaining time on Davis. On the last lap as I was closing in he had a problem and I went by to take second place. Cody was out in clean air; there was no catching him.”

Geoffrey’s strong run netted him a second place finish for the weekend of racing. He drove a smart race and still managed to run out front with some very fast and experienced racers. “After the race Cody was extremely surprised how fast I was in my first race in the car,” said Geoffrey.

Geoffrey Cooley, Class 10 Buggy, Alumi Craft Race Cars, Competitive Metals, Impact, Mastercraft Safety, FOX

Of course, Geoffrey’s run would not be possible without the support from Alumi CraftCompetitive MetalsMasterCraft SafetyImpact, Redline PerformanceBFGoodrich® TiresHarmon Racing Cells, McDowell Transaxles, FOX Racing ShoxCBR, and Bink Designs. Geoffrey’s next race will be the SNORE Motion Tire 300 April 11-12 in Ridgecrest, Ca.


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